Vision / Mission / Values

Vision: What is our dream?
To See Trenton and Dade County renewed Spiritually, Socially and Culturally.
  • Put another way, we long to see the Kingdom of God come in Trenton in all its fullness.  That after all is what Jesus taught us to constantly pray for (the Lord’s Prayer) and that is our hope and dream as a church.  We want to see God’s will embraced here just like its done in heaven.
  • What does God’s will look like?  Well, it means first and foremost that God is delighted in above all else in the hearts of people.  More broadly, God’s will is for the increase of beauty, for happy homes and deep loving marriages.  God’s will means flourishing businesses, thriving schools, the increase of culture and creativity… it means Dade County becoming more Dade county than its ever been!  In a word, we long for ‘heaven on earth’ which one day Christ will bring in all its fullness!
Mission: How will we realize this dream?
By Enjoying Jesus Together then moving out in Love and service to Trenton.
  • The Kingdom of God is something only God can bring in its fullness, but he does so in part through us, his people and his church.  What role do we play?  As we enjoy Jesus together and are propelled out in love to our neighbors, God works to establish his kingdom in and through us in our world.
Values: What Core Values Define Us?
  • Gospel
    • We are convinced that believing the Good News of Jesus Christ is not only how you begin the Christian life, its also how you grow day by day.  The gospel is not just for unbelievers, its for believers, everyday, from the point of conversion all the way to the end of your life.  At Grace Community the good news of God’s grace in Christ drives and shapes all that we do.
  • Community
    • By community we mean the relationships we enjoy with each other within the church.  The gospel creates a certain kind of community, it frees you to be honest and vulnerable in relationships with each other.  We are committed to pursuing relationships marked by authenticity, love and accountability.
  • Mission
    • The gospel by nature is missional.  Good news must be shared, and we long for the good news of God’s grace in Jesus to be embraced and enjoyed by all in Dade County.  That longing drives us out in love and service to our neighbors.

Come Worship with Us!

We would love to have you come join us for worship. Our style is very relaxed and informal.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 650
Trenton, GA 30752

Worship Location:
4355 Hwy 136
Trenton GA 30752

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