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Rock Creek Fellowship

Our story begins with our ‘mother’ church, Rock Creek Fellowship on Lookout Mtn., GA.   Being a ‘church plant’ (see below on ‘church plant’) themselves, the leadership of Rock Creek for some time prayed and longed to one day plant a new church in a nearby town.  In The spring of 2013, God began to move those longings to fruition as the session (elders) began exploring nearby areas of need.  God quickly began directing towards Trenton, a town just 20min away from RCF.



Commissioning of the core group at Rock Creek Fellowship



In February of 2014, Rock Creek sent out their Associate Pastor Hutch Garmany and his wife Ashleigh, along with 8 families from the mother church to begin Grace Community Trenton.








Early 2014 gathering in the Hunter Home

They initially began meeting in a home in Trenton and then in May moved to a public space, the Handyman Salvage building at the base of Sand Mtn.  On September 7th, 2014, Grace Community formally launched public worship services in the Handyman Salvage building where they meet weekly to this day.


First gathering at our new home, the Old Handyman Salvage Building, Fall 2014












What is a ‘Church Plant’?A church plant is a new church that has been intentionally started or begun by another church (often called the ‘mother church’) or group of churches.  Sometimes churches are begun by a pastor who moves to an area and begins ministering and gathering people for worship.  Other times a new church is begun by a group of families called a core group, who are sent out by a mother church.  This is the case with the planting of Grace Community.

Why Church Planting?  

“Planting new churches is the most effective evangelistic methodology known under heaven.”  -C. Peter Wagner, a leading missiologist today

Research shows that most people come to faith in Christ through their involvement in a worshiping community. According to statistics, new churches see 80% of their growth from people who are not currently in church compared with only 20% in more established churches.   Church planting grows the body of Christ by welcoming those outside the church into a new worshiping community. The continual planting of new churches is the best way to ensure that we are numerically growing the body of Christ rather than simply ‘trading sheep.’   Its also the most effective way to renew the existing church as a new church introduces to surrounding churches a dynamic of change and mission that compels them to move out as well.

Come Worship with Us!

We would love to have you come join us for worship. Our style is very relaxed and informal.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 650
Trenton, GA 30752

Worship Location:
4355 Hwy 136
Trenton GA 30752

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